Beyond the Beyond

Sightseer's Journal Entry #001

it is odly nostaljic to be wrytin of a new serys
nuntheless, i must.
the old, wiys man is techyin me the wys of wrytin.

confewsyin, but i tri my bes
the antehuros hav startd dir qust
the mekanufortres is dirs

dey hav fawt dru dwurvn lans
dey ntr humn lans

the kobod has sen me. i wuri nat, dey wud not belav him
the old man entraks wid dem dayly

no rodbums as of so far
i se non in the fewchar

dey wil nut b far bhin
i wil let the win hav dis wun.



Coldmarrow Coldmarrow

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