Homebrew Adjustments

Leveling up now only requires 30 experience points. See the following list for potential experience point rewards:
Characters receive 1 experience point for:
overcoming an easy battle; escaping from a difficult battle or boss battle; overcoming a non-combat challenge such as a trap, or diplomatic negotiation; other misc tasks the GM would like to offer rewards for
Characters receive 2 experience points for:
overcoming an appropriately leveled combat encounter
Characters receive 3 experience points for:
overcoming a very difficult encounter or boss battle, or completing a major task such as saving a kingdom.

Diplomacy now works that you make a deal or trade with the subject, and a Diplomacy check attempts to get them to agree with the deal. The deal/trade can be with real materials or abstract concepts like “satisfaction”. Base DC is 15 + level of the highest level character + wisdom modifier of character with most wisdom. Relationship with subject and risk vs reward judgment of target affects DC.

If your diplomacy check succeeds, subject accepts deal with no or minor changes, and if the check fails by 5 or less, subject declines deal, but under DM discretion, may submit a counter-offer that will push it up one more point up the risk vs reward axis. PCs may simply accept the offer if they so choose, or attempt to haggle another offer. If the check fails by 10 or more, the subject will entertain no more deals, and may take steps to end the conversation, or go hostile. The following shows Relationship/Risk vs. Reward Axis’, which affect the DC of the Diplomacy check.
Relationship Axis
-10 Intimate: Someone who with whom you have an implicit trust.
-7 Friend: Someone with whom you have a regularly positive personal relationship.
-5 Ally: Someone on the same team, but with whom you have no personal relationship.
-2 Acquaintance (Positive): Someone you have met several times with no particularly negative experiences.
+0 Just Met: No relationship whatsoever.
+2 Acquaintance (Negative): Someone you have met several times with no particularly positive experiences.
+5 Enemy: Someone on an opposed team, with whom you have no personal relationship.
+7 Personal Foe: Someone with whom you have a regularly antagonistic personal relationship.
+10 Nemesis: Someone who has sworn to do you, personally, harm.
Risk vs. Reward Axis
-10 Fantastic: The reward for accepting the deal is very worthwhile, and the risk is either acceptable or extremely unlikely. The best-case scenario is a virtual guarantee.
-5 Favorable: The reward is good, and the risk is tolerable. If all goes according to plan, the deal will end up benefiting the subject.
+0 Even: The reward and risk are more or less even, or the deal involves neither reward nor risk.
+5 Unfavorable: The reward is not enough compared to the risk involved; even if all goes according to plan, chances are it will end up badly for the subject.
+10 Horrible: There is no conceivable way the proposed plan could end up with the subject ahead, or the worst-case scenario is guaranteed to occur.

If you roll a 20 on a skill check, +5 to your roll, if you roll a 1 on a skill check, -5 to your roll.
Therefore, natural 20s are automatically 25 as base, while natural 1s are automatically -4 as base.

Homebrew Adjustments

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